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Linux Downloads

We have found a useful Italian publication, developed by Daniele Giacomini, which could be defined as a Linux Encyclopedia. It provides a lot of useful information and it is distributed for free under GPL licence. It is usually included in the Debian distribution.

The original Italian version can be read on-line from Daniele's site Appunti di Informatica Libera

We participate in the translation of the publication into English and you can download a tar file called Notes on free computing with the translated chapters.

If you know the language and want to participate in this translation project, please send me e-mail.

IBM FREE Downlods. If you want to try leading edge products such as Websphere Studio and Websphere Application Server, which can easily be installed under Linux, you can download an evaluation copy for FREE from the IBM Websphere Developer Domain If you want to find documentation about Websphere look in the IBM Websphere Doc Finder site.

You will find also many useful IBM downloads at the DeveloperWorks website, published by IBM for IT developers. It contains a Linux section with many useful tutorials and downloads.

If you require Linux products (distributions, software, hardware etc.) we advice you to browse The Linux Emporium.

I remind also some very useful downloads, included in other pages of our site such as:

If you have any requirement or just need some information or advice, please send an Email.

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