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Services - Software Development and Support

We have a good experience in the development and support of Computer software (especially programs for the IBM iSeries (AS/400) and integration tools between iSeries, (AS/400) and Linux/UNIX/Windows).

We can provide computer development and support services either on your site or remotely through Teleworking. If required, we can use our own hardware resources.

Our recent expertise covers mainly following areas:

  • IBM iSeries, AS/400 , UNIX / LINUX and PCs
  • CLP, COBOL, JAVA, PHP, RPG and SQL programming languages
  • Client-Server systems and SOA services
  • Database Design and Administration
  • Integration between AS/400 and Linux/Unix/PC
  • Structured and Object Oriented analysis and programming techniques

We have contracted with many leading companies in the distribution, finance (leasing and consumer credit), marketing, manufacturing and music sectors both in the UK and in Europe (especially Germany and Italy). Our main developer currently lives in Italy, but can consider projects also in other countries or provide remote services by using our AS/400 resources.

Please e-mail us if you want to receive a CV or if you need more details.

You can freely download, from the Downloads page, some general purpose utilities written by Mario Pesce in Cobol and RPG. They are briefly described in the Technology page.

If you need an AS/400 to develop some work, to test some applications or to learn new skill, you will find some useful links at the ASPs and Timesharing services page.

If you require Linux products (distributions, software, hardware etc.) we advice you to browse The Linux Emporium.

If you are looking for Linux applications we advice you to browse the Linux ERP applications and the Linux applications links pages.

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Email: info@datamission.co.uk