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Mario Pesce was born in Italy and has spent half of his working life there and half in the UK, where he has worked in IT for many important companies and where he has obtained an M.Sc. degree in Computer Science at the University of London (Birckbeck college).

In addition to his main work as an IT consultant and software developer, he has done also some technical translations (English to Italian and Italian to English) and documented many IT systems in English and Italian.

Mario has participated to the translations into English of the Appunti di Informatica Libera di Daniele Giacomini (see the Linux Downloads in the Downloads page.

Mario is now resident in Italy and you can send an e-mail if you require technical translations or information about the Italian IT market

Mario has written some training eBooks on CL, Cobol and RPG, which help to develop programming skills by using practical application examples. You will find them in the E-Books Downloads page.

If you are looking for IT books or software, we suggest you to visit our Amazon Books and Software. shop

For good translations visit also London Translations - London based translation agency offering high-quality translation services.

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