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Application Modernization. You will find useful information in the IBM RedBooks iSeries Applications Modernization and SOA based solutions.

SOA and Web Services on the iSeries servers. You will find useful information on the newest integration technology of Web services in the IBM RedBook Enabling Web Services on the iSeries servers.

PHP on the ISeries. Learn how to install PHP on the iSeries and how to port open source application with the article PHP on the iSeries. Another useful document is PHP: Zend on I5/OS.

Linux on the iSeries (AS/400). A decision has been taken by IBM to implement Linux on the AS/400 (which allows a 64-bit scalability) in native mode on a logical partition. This will open new possibilities especially for Web applications. It is also possible to have multiple Linux systems, running on separate logical partitions and communicating with back-end applications running under O/S400 and benefiting from the solidity of the AS/400 platform.

A 5250 emulator for Linux. If you need to access the iSeries 400 (AS/400) from Linux, you can try some emulators such as Linux 5250 or Mocha Linux TN5250 or the IBM iSeries Access for Linux that can be downloaded for free. The last product includes also an ODBC driver that allows you to access data in the DB2/400 database.

Web Programming in RPG. Another way to produce powerful Web pages from an RPG program is described by RPG Smart Pages (RPGsp). They provide also a freely downloadable IDE that offers an array of advanced features.

Web Application Development Tool for iSeries and i5. iSeries shops now have the tools to get their apps to the Web faster and more affordably using technology iSeries people truly understand. With IBM officially adding WebSmart to the iSeries Developer Roadmap and Industry Publications voting it to the top of their lists, now is a great time to try it. It is described in the Websmart site.

Zope is a new Application server written in Python that includes a Web server and an SQL database. It is free and open source and it makes it much easier to maintain a web site, and to build applications for the web. You can easily download it and install it by visiting Zope Org.

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